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Over the years, the company has grown tremendously due to its reputation in the industry as an excellent after sale-service provider. This has prompted management to increase its services, not just in term of service but also in term of a wide array of quality performance to our clients.

Our strengths and capabilities are also made up at highly experienced and good team management.

Advance Starlight Sdn Bhd apply innovative working style was able to develop itself into an organizations that can give comprehensive service to the marine sector and the general industries alike.


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Ship Salvage and Rescue

  • Advance Starlight Sdn Bhd had successfully salveyed one cargo vessel M.V.Ing Hua Fu No9 at south Port, Klang, jetty Klang.

Marine Engineering and Services

  • > Ship Repairs-hull and Machineries
  • > Instrumentation and Control
  • > Store and Spare part Supply
  • > Ship Management and Consultancy

Industrial Engineering

  • > Process Control, Instrumentation Repairs
  • > Design and Fabrication of Machines and
    > Components
  • > Hydraulic Presses Installation and System
    > Repair

Logistic and Facilities Mover

  • Advance Starlight Sdn Bhd had in the past moved one rubber processing factory from Rawang to Teluk Gong and fully commisioned. We had relocated another Air Conditioner manufacturing plant from Kuantan to Batu of Arzebaijan


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